Falco Mexico

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Vianey Farfan
Ph: +52 (999) 930-0270 ext 1220
Fax: +52 (999) 930-0293
E-mail: vianeyf@falcomex.com

Living in Merida, Mexico
  • Pantry Vouchers
    Given every twenty-eight days. Amount is 20% of the daily salary in the area

  • Lunch
    Paid 100% for the company

  • Bi-weekly or monthly payment
    Convenient payment trough ATM

  • Car Insurance
    Level "E" until "C", 50% of the billed insurance. Level A and B, paid 100% for the company

  • Seniority Recognition
    On every June, that is the year of anniversary of Falco Electronics Mexico, employees that turn five or ten years of seniority are rewarded. The recognition consists on giving them a medal of gold:
    - If employee turns five years, is given an "Azteca"
    - If employee turns ten years, is given a "Centenario"

  • Vacations
    Vacational Previals. 10 business days vacations every year during the two first years. After the third year, it is according to the Federal Work Laws

  • Quaterly Bonus
    According to company results and individual performance

  • End of Year Bonus
    According to the Federal Work Laws

  • Absence permissions
    Company allows five extraordinary days off during the year calendar

  • Medical service at plant
    The plant has a doctor available to all employees, for four daily hours. Different schedule according to the necessities of the employees, covering one schedule from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m

  • Participacion de Utilidades (PTU)
    According to the Federal Work Law

  • Loans
    We lend up to one-month salary, for the personnel that has minimum six months working in the company