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Ramana Murthy
Ph: +91 (80) 3002-8080 ext 5101
Fax: +91 (80) 2666-6448
E-mail: ramanam@kaypeeindia.com
Living in Bangalore, India
  • PF (Provident fund)
    12% of the monthly salary (per companies act) paid as benefit by the company

  • ESI (Employee State Insurance)
    Employee who are drawing less than Rs10000.00 as salary are insured with state Insurnce corporation for all the medical treatments (as per law)

  • Gratuity
    Gratuity of 15 days salary multiplied by number of working years will be paid to the employees who has served the company for a minimum period of 5 years

  • Yearly bonus
    Minimum of 10% and up to 40% will be paid depending on company's performance (8.33% as per statutory requirement)

  • Dresses/Shoes
    Neat and clean dress for employee provide by the company to wear

  • Medical Insurance
    Medical Insurance is done by the company for the employee who are drawing above Rs.10000.00 (who are not covered under ESI)

  • Lunch / Dinners
    Paid 100% by the company

  • Loans
    We lend up to one-month salary, for the personnel that has minimum one year working in the company

  • Leave
    One day leave (Earned leave) for every 20 working days.

  • Exposed to High Technology to opportunities to grow in the career.